Towson University – Burdick Hall Improvements – Phase 3

The University’s goal is to design an attractive facility, while sustaining its functionality, flexibility, and maintainability. The scope of this project includes complete room acoustics design services for the Burdick Hall Improvements – Phase 3 project. Spaces receiving interior acoustical analysis are: classrooms, lecture halls, and a conference room. CTDG’s responsibilites include recommending room reverberation time for the classrooms, lecture halls, and conference room; evaluating room shaping for adequate reflected sound levels; calculating reverberation time and speech intelligibility; recommening special acoustical finishes; and providing specifications on special acoustical finish material items. This project commenced in August, 2012 and construction is expected to be complete in 2014.


Location: Towson, Maryland
Construction Cost: $12.6 Million
Project Size: 118,613 gsf

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