Acoustical Review & Planning

Acoustical Review & Planning

  • Composite sound transmission class ratings
  • Transmission loss measurements
  • Penetration details – piping, ductwork, electrical
  • Room shaping analytics
  • Reverberation time calculations & measurements
  • Room finish recommendations & specifications
  • Vibration isolation recommendations
  • Ductwork system analysis  & noise criteria recommendations
  • Airborne and structure-born noise abatement

Acoustics, Noise, and Vibration Control

Acoustical review and planning considerations are critical to the usability of any space within a building. Background noise from mechanical systems can interfere with educational presentations, or can be harnessed to provide privacy in open office environments. The acoustical performance of enclosed spaces, when properly designed, can be leveraged to produce successful environments for presentations, conferences, office work and communication, or music performance and recording. Convergent Technologies Design Group provides acoustical analysis and design services to assess existing facilities as well as develop designs for new construction.

Auditoriums, lecture halls, recording studios, office and conference environments, medical facilities, and classrooms are among the many facility types which rely on proper acoustics and tuning for effective support of the space’s intended function. Convergent Technologies works with existing architecture by conducting on-site acoustical measurements, and routinely provides recommendations for architectural and structural methods for improving the acoustical qualities of a wide range of space types. Convergent Technologies will also work closely with architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and end users to develop a state-of-the-art acoustical design for new construction projects. By minimizing reverberation, correcting distribution and stopping echoes, Convergent Technology’s experienced designers turn any space into the ideal auditory environment. Outside interference or disturbances from ventilation, mechanical systems or traffic is also suppressed with acoustical treatment as well as noise and vibration control techniques.

Acoustical Review and Planning
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