Security Infrastructure & Systems Planning

Security Infrastructure & Systems Planning Services:

  • Closed circuit distribution (CCTV)
  • Access control & monitoring
  • Door alarms, motion detectors, panic alarms
  • Personnel & equipment tracking system
  • Patient wandering & tracking detection antenna units
  • Central monitoring stations
  • RFID locators for personnel and equipment location

Our team specializes in security infrastructure and systems planning. Convergent Technologies Design Group’s state-of-the-art security systems and video surveillance (CCTV) consultants provide design services to develop or improve safety and protection standards and management for any building or space. Sophisticated security and surveillance systems deter criminal activity, protect valuable assets, and provide enhanced facility operations and management in commercial, professional, private or public facilities.


Security Infrastructure Planning Design

Convergent Technologies’ access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection design consultants regularly work with clients to develop systems to effectively protect restricted areas, delicate documents, expensive property and facility safety. High-quality video cameras, storage and analysis assures your facility can be constantly monitored against theft, vandalism and trespassing from internal or external parties. Intercom systems and central monitoring controls preserve safety and peace-of-mind for all employees and customers. The latest technology in security systems and video surveillance analyzes indoor facilities and exposed perimeters, detecting and alerting suspicious activity before it ever becomes a problem.

Convergent Technologies Design Group handles design, consultation, and construction management of these advanced systems from camera to control room and assures every aspect is working properly. Contact Convergent Technologies to develop your own system and guard your site with the latest technology.

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