Healthcare Low Voltage Systems

Healthcare Low Voltage Systems

  • Nurse call/code blue
  • Wandering patient & tracking
  • RTLS
  • Patient entertainment
  • Detection antenna units
  • Central monitoring systems
  • Infrared
  • Locators for personnel & equipment

Healthcare low voltage systems account for a large percentage of initial project costs. Healthcare facilities are among the most dense technology building types in the world. The various network of low voltage and medical systems also have a high level of recurring expenses. Utilizing developments in network convergence, universal wireless antennae technologies, resource tracking systems, and remote communications platforms can significantly lower ongoing maintenance costs. Early and accurate cost estimating will allow CTDG to lead discussions of initial expenditure vs. lifecycle investment and work with key decision makers to make the best possible decisions for the entire institution.

CTDG excels in meeting the technological initiatives of healthcare and medical communities. Design services for Healthcare providers frequently include uniquely demanding telecommunications (voice/data) cabling systems, patient content distribution via cable antenna television (CATV) systems, closed circuit video security systems (CCTV), and redundant communications connectivity.  CTDG is at the forefront of evolving industry standards including:  Universal patching approaches for voice and data stations cabling to accommodate Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), IP addressable CCTV systems monitored over the hospital’s Local Area Network (LAN), and interface wiring for CATV control through the nurse call system in patient rooms.

Simulation based medical training systems are a rapidly growing solution for the education of future healthcare professionals. As a leader in audiovisual systems design for simulation education, Convergent Technologies Design Group is actively involved in the design of multiple state-of-the-art nursing and healthcare centers across the country.

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