Agua Fria Union School District Verrado High School – Auditorium Acoustics

The scope of this project was to analyze the interior acoustics of a 520 seat Auditorium located in Verrado High School in the Agua Fria Union High School District of Buckeye, Arizona. The analysis performed in this project included an evaluation of room shaping and its impact on reflected sound levels, as well as calculations of reverberation time in areas where speech communication was important. The existing design of the auditorium was found to result in high levels of noise transmission between itself and an adjacent food court. In addition to this, the existing design was found to provide excessive low frequency reverberation, resulting in a “boomy” sound which negatively affects room acoustics. High noise reduction coefficient ceiling tile was recommended to help reduce noise transmission from adjacent rooms, and low frequency reverberation was controlled using strategically place absorptive panels along the perimeter of the auditorium. In addition to this, recommendations for doors, windows, acoustical seals and details for caulking around pipe and duct penetrations were provided. This project was completed in April 2006.
Architect: Orcutt/Winslow

Location: Buckeye, Arizona

Construction Cost: $40 Million

Project Size: 10,000 gsf

LEED -Silver


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