Clubhouse Cinema Theater at Stonefield Luxury Apartments- AV and Acoustic Design

Development is underway on Stonefield Luxury Apartments, a 194-unit gated apartment complex in Chandler, AZ. The leading developer, P.B. Bell & Associates, retained Convergent Technologies for audiovisual and acoustical schematic design services for a planned Clubhouse cinema theater in the apartment development. The design deliverables included a narrative description of the audiovisual presentation systems to be installed for cinema viewing via a variety of mediums, including Blu-RAY/DVD; Satellite TV, CATV channels; and laptops/computers. The acoustical analysis addressed general acoustical requirements for the theater space. For optimum cinema acoustical performance, Convergent specified interior sound reverberation times within the theater, sound-isolation standards between spaces, and noise-criteria levels for HVAC equipment. The design services included recommendations for the theater’s interior acoustical finishes. Additional project responsibilities included a sightline study of the planned room dimensions to establish seating capacity and audiovisual equipment location and layout. Deliverables for this project, including a narrative report, were completed in March 2012.

Architect: Whitneybell Perry Architecture & Planning
Builder/Owner: P.B. Bell & Associates Inc.
Location: Chandler, AZ
Total Apartment Complex Development Cost: $24.5 MILLION

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