Maricopa County Community College District: Glendale CC – Public Safety Training Facility

Project scope for the Glendale Community College Public Safety Building includes room acoustics and sound isolation for classrooms and training facilities. The design of this building is unique in that it houses training facilities near classrooms which require innovative solutions for sound isolation. These facilities, used to train students in Fire Sciences and Public Safety include real life simulations and a large repelling wall down the side of the building. A raised floor system was developed to isolate sound generated within the facility, and a composite wall consisting of an acoustically deadening membrane and sound isolation clips was designed to minimize the noise from the repelling wall entering into the classrooms. In addition to this, details for duct penetrations though walls and floors, and the placement of acoustical partitions were developed to control sound transmission. Sound attenuators and vibration isolations mounts were used to minimize the sound generated by large air handling units used in the building. This project has been successfully complete since summer 2009.
Architect: Substance Design Consortium

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Construction Cost: $9 Million

Project Size: 27,000 gsf


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