Advanced Project Management – YMCA Studio

Convergent Technologies conducted an acoustical interior sound isolation analysis of the YMCA Studio located at 1325 W Street NW, in Washington, DC. The existing YMCA Studio was included in a larger renovation design project by Advanced Project Management, Inc. Architectural and structural floor plan drawings, partition details, structural details, finish specifications, and other design documents were reviewed by CTDG, and used as the basis for acoustical room modeling and calculations. Interior reverberation times and STC values of various partitions were calculated, and recommendations were made to mitigate the transmission of unwanted sound into adjacent residential areas. Recommendations included alterations to partition construction, structural design, as well as to interior finishes to eliminate the risk of transmission due to build-up of reverberant energy. Recommendations were separated into several different options, in order to provide the owner with a range of acoustical solutions which could be engaged depending on available budget and flexibility in the re-configuration of architectural components.


Architect: Advanced Project Management

Location: Washington, D.C.

Systems Value:$25,000.00

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