Anne Arundel Community College – Ceramics Studio & Workrooms

Convergent Technologies was asked to determine the background noise levels within the ceramics studio located in the newly renovated Careers Building at Anne Arundel Community College. Measurements were performed in the Dirty Classroom, Ceramics Studio and Kiln Room. An analysis of the sources and paths of HVAC noise transmission and interior room acoustics was conducted. Recommendations to reduce the HVAC background noise and to achieve proper reverberation characteristics were developed. Anne Arundel Community College offers three levels of ceramics courses teaching simple mold making technique and a range of decorating and glazing methods. An Acoustic Measurement Narrative Report detailing the instrumentation used, recommendations and measurement results was delivered in May 2010. Convergent Technologies participated on the design team selected for the Careers Building Renovation completed in January 2009.

Arnold, Maryland

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