Anne Arundel Community College – Data Center Renovation

The scope of this project included verifying the existing program for the renovation of the Careers Building and Data Center. The Data Center is the primary point of Local Area Network (LAN) distribution for existing and future buildings on the Anne Arundel Community College Campus. Project challenges included the expectation for little or no downtime to campus LAN/Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems during renovations. Currently, main distribution feeds from other buildings on campus enter the Careers Building via multiple undocumented routes. Recommendations included rerouting cabling to a single or dual (redundant) point of distribution directly from the Data Center which provides the opportunity to future proof the Data Center’s infrastructure and will eliminate downtime for future integration projects on campus that involve the LAN or PBX systems. Additional direction included having a telecommunications contractor onsite during all renovation work to help ensure that no downtime or damage to existing telecommunications cable lines occurs. This project was completed in 2009.

Architect: Heery International
Location: Arnold, Maryland

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