Clicks Document Management – Office Acoustics

CliCKS Document Management supports law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies by managing discovery documents, document reproduction and duplication, document imaging and electronic data discovery as well as trial exhibits and demonstratives. Convergent Technologies was asked to conduct an acoustical analysis of the CliCKS Document Management office building in Washington, D.C. inclusive of sound isolation and HVAC system modifications. Design efforts for this project involved a diagnostic period during which acoustical measurements of background noise levels were taken. Additionally the staff working in the office building was interviewed to determine perceptual nuisances to aid in the noise abatement recommendations. Measurements were performed with HVAC equipment turned-off to establish baseline background noise levels due to standard office operation of computers and copy machines, measurements were then taken with the HVAC equipment running. Recommendations were made to attenuate noise due to the HVAC equipment below the standard office operating noise levels. Details for duct and pipe penetrations though walls were provided, and the investigation of vibration isolators was also conducted. Deliverables included an acoustical report outlining findings and recommendations. This project has been complete since 2006.


Location: Washington, D.C.

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