College Park Airport – Operations Building

The College Park Airport is the world’s oldest continuously operating airport. Founded in 1909 for the Wright Brothers instruction of the first military aviators, the airport is now run as both a historic site and operating general aviation airport. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. The Aviation Museum is an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and depicts the airport’s history. The Museum operates as a public museum providing educational exhibits, special events, programs and tours for the general public, children and tourists. The scope of this project includes the Expansion of the Airport Operations Building. Convergent Technologies is providing complete design services for audiovisual and telecommunications cabling systems with associated supporting infrastructure, as well as acoustics, noise and vibration control. The existing Airport Operations Building will be expanded by approximately 5,000sf and will include Administrative Office space for the Airport Manager, Airport Operations and Security Staff, a Pilot/Passenger Waiting Lounge, Public Lobby and Aircraft Storage and Maintenance as well as a Pilot Briefing Room/Flight Plan Filing. The Pilot Briefing Room is designed as a conferencing space capable of presenting digital media via a flat panel display as well as from a projection system. The Airport Operations Building will also include a new Data Center. Multimedia systems are being designed to enhance the administration of the aviation museum, and the experience of the visitors as well as the airport operation. This project is currently in the design phase with completion scheduled for 2013.


LOCATION: College Park, Maryland

ARCHITECT: Moody/Nolan, Inc.


GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE: 7,000 gross square feet

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