Goucher College – Julia Rogers Renovation

Upon the relocation of the College Library from the Julia Rogers Building to the Goucher Athenaeum, portions of the Julia Rogers Building are currently being used as faculty offices. This project involves the complete renovation of the Julia Rogers Building for use as classrooms and additional academic space. Convergent Technologies is providing complete design services for audiovisual, telecommunications cabling and security systems with associated supporting infrastructure for the renovation of the Julia Rogers Building. Examples of spaces to receive educational technology systems include: smart classrooms, 30-seat video viewing classroom, labs, faculty offices, and an observatory. The overall design intent for the AV systems and supporting infrastructure is to provide the Julia Rogers Building with cutting edge multimedia systems to enhance higher education instruction and collaboration at Goucher College. The AV systems for lecture classrooms and an additional language classroom will provide faculty and students with the tools needed to support a lecture-based instructional setting. Devices requiring instructor control will be accessed via a touchpanel remote control system allowing a single point of user interface. All staff, faculty, and students will be equipped with personal identification cards (credentials) that they will carry with them on campus. These cards will be integrated with the EAC ID card system to provide authorized access to campus facilities via Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID). The proximity function shall enable the users to gain access without physically touching the devices except where biometric and keypads are required. This project is expected to be complete by spring 2012.

LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland


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