Johns Hopkins University – Arellano Theater

John’s Hopkins University’s Arrellano Theater, located in Levering Union, seats about 200 people comfortably, and is used for student theater group performances.  The purpose of this design effort was to create a new use of space to be a mix of classroom and theater use.  Convergent Technologies Design Group was asked to provide audiovisual system electronics specifications and room acoustics design services for the Arrellano Theater remodel. Deliverables included: review of existing programmatic requirements; develop CSI-format specifications for audiovisual wall/floor boxes, audiovisual presentation, audio reinforcement systems, audiovisual source electronics, instructor’s station, and audiovisual remote control systems; and preparing detailed cost estimates for AV system electronics and associated installation labor. Features within the theater included video projection, remote controlled audiovisual systems, videoconferencing systems, and program and speech audio reinforcement.


LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

ARCHITECT: Melville Thomas Architects

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