Maricopa County Community College District: Scottsdale CC – Chemistry Physical Science Building

The scope for the Maricopa Community Colleges District Chemistry and Physical Sciences Building at the Scottsdale Campus included room acoustics and sound isolation for classrooms and lecture spaces. Reports were developed outlining the sound attenuator Dynamic Insertion Loss (DIL) values required for 3 roof top Vektor CD Exhaust Fans. Maximum ambient noise levels for within the Life and Physical Sciences Demonstration Courtyard were recommended to improve speech intelligibility in this outdoor instructional space. Acoustical recommendations were also provided for reverberation times and materials requirements for the General Chemistry Lecture Hall. The facility was part of an eight year transformation plan and was completed in two phases. Phase one included a 44,000gsf Natural Science Facility. Phase one of this project has been complete since May 2009.


Architect: Richard + Bauer Architects

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Construction Cost: $13.7 Million

Project Size: 44,000 gsf

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