Peabody Conservatory of Music – Recording Studio Renovation

The scope of this project included electronics and acoustical design services for the Recording Arts Department multi-track recording studios. Supported functions of the studios include live recording of all orchestral, opera, wind ensemble, chamber music, jazz, and choral events on campus as well as professional quality studio recording for the entire Hopkins community. Studio 220 is fully equipped with digital multitrack recording and automated mixdown facilities and is linked to two of Peabody’s Performance Halls. The studio is capable of mixing and recording in stereo, 5.1, 7.1 surround and LCRS to a variety of digital audio workstations, digital audio tape, compact discs, and a digital multitrack recorder. The entire system is time code capable and is locked to house word clock. The facility is also capable of full audio-for-video post production with DV-Cam, DVD mastering, and a non-linear video editing suite. The monitoring system assignment and fold down (with bass management) is configured by a multiformat monitor controller which feeds the surround monitor system. The Leakin Hall Studio includes an analog mixdown room and control room for the Leakin Recital Hall. This three room facility houses an analog automated console, digital multi-track recorder, a wide range of processing equipment and monitoring systems, full MIDI capability, a Hi-8 video editing system, and a variety digital editing workstations. Our designers also provided all acoustics, noise and vibration control consulting for the project. Responsibilities included development of acoustical criteria for HVAC equipment noise levels, sound isolation, room shaping, and acoustical finishes. This project has been successfully complete since June 2001.
Location: Baltimore, MD
Construction Cost: $ 1.2 MILLION
Gross Square Footage: 1,800 gross square feet
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