Salisbury University – Holloway Hall Auditorium Renovation

Convergent Technologies’ scope of work for this project included complete room acoustics, interior sound isolation, and HVAC noise control design services for the Salisbury University Holloway Hall Auditorium Renovation. Holloway Hall, currently the administrative office building, is the first structure to be built on the Salisbury University campus. The facility houses administrative and faculty offices, the President and Provost Offices, Office of Human Resources, classrooms, and Student Health Services (776-seat auditorium – the Social Room and Great Hall). Responsibilities within the auditorium include recommending room reverberation times, evaluating room shaping for adequate reflected sound levels and the control of flutter and delayed echoes from side and rear wall surfaces, calculating reverberation time and speech intelligibility, recommending special acoustical finishes, providing location and quantity of finishes; recommending Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings for various partition types and floor slabs, providing acoustical requirements for floor/ceiling construction, providing acoustical recommendation for doors, acoustical seals, glazing, and windows; and recommending noise criterion (NC) levels, reviewing noise generation from mechanical/electrical equipment and terminal units, and evaluating duct breakout noise transmission from fans and air handler unit. Deliverables were provided in the form of a marked-up drawings and narrative reports. This project was completed fall 2013.

Architect: Design Collective, Inc.
Location: Salisbury, Maryland
Project Size: 5,000 GSF

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