The Arc of Washington County – Awakenings and Recycling Center

Convergent Technologies was asked to provide interior acoustical measurement and analysis services for several spaces within the ARC of Washington County Awakenings and Recycling Facility located in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Several of the spaces within this facility suffered from excessive reverberation, which severely inhibited utilization of those spaces for speech-critical applications such as meetings or presentations. Reverberation Time measurements were performed in the Track Room, as well as in the Awakenings Room. An analysis was later conducted using the measurement data as the basis for acoustical room modeling calculations.  An Interior Room Acoustics Analysis narrative report was authored by CTDG detailing the measurement procedures, instrumentation used, as well as the results of the analysis, and recommendations was delivered in May of 2012.  Recommendations were separated into various options, in order to provide the ARC facility representatives with an array of solutions to the acoustical deficiencies of these two spaces, with varying cost implications.

Architect: MSB Architects

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Systems Value: $25,000.00

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