Towson University – Center for the Arts Theatre Classroom Acoustics

Towson University asked Convergent Technologies to analyze acoustical problems occurring within existing theatre classroom space in the University’s Center for the Arts building. The work scope called for CTDG to measure and analyze sound transmission between spaces and offer recommendations to reduce noise disruptions between these adjacent areas. The spaces receiving acoustical and sound-isolation design services included two advanced acting/directing labs; four additional labs used for acting/directing, group and voice arts; and a studio theatre. After the analysis, CTDG recommended the installation of sound-absorptive wall and ceiling finishes on specific wall locations to reduce echoes. In addition, CTDG proposed lowering the ceilings by suspending acoustical “cloud” panels to minimize “flutter” echoes between floors and ceilings. This project began in April 2010 and was completed in mid-2011.

Location: Towson, Maryland
Project Budget: $4,150,000

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