Towson West Elementary – LEED Acoustical Consulting

Convergent Technologies had the opportunity to work with Design Collective architects to provide acoustical consulting and construction administration services for the Towson West Elementary school construction project. The basis for these acoustical consulting services was to provide documented recommendations which would substantiate compliance with the LEED Prerequisite 3 Indoor Environmental Quality, Minimum Acoustical Performance criteria. LEED credits for this prerequisite are awarded based on the design of acoustical environments conducive to education, with consideration to privacy and speech intelligibility. CTDG provided recommendations for modifications to the HVAC system design based on calculations and analysis conducted for both interior and exterior equipment. Exterior equipment analysis was conducted to ensure compliance with local zoning requirements. Additional recommendations were made regarding partition design and interior finishes, to create acoustical solutions which were compliant with both the LEED criteria and the architectural / aesthetic design intent. The Towson West Elementary School construction phase was completed in 2009.


Location: Towson, MD
Architect: Design Collective, Inc.
Construction Cost: $2 Million
Gross Square Footage: 50,000 square feet

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