United States Forest Service – Conference Rooms

Convergent Technologies was asked to provide audiovisual system electronics design along with supporting infrastructure for two conference rooms in the United States Forest Service building located in Washington D.C. The larger room needed a flexible system that would allow for varied uses of video teleconferencing, including collaborative meetings as well as both hosting and attending presentations. Two ceiling mounted projectors were utilized, as well as a reference monitor flat panel display. Wall and ceiling mounted loudspeakers were placed to provide even audio coverage throughout the space, and provided sound reinforcement for speakers when used with wireless microphone systems. Electronics and infrastructure were designed with flexibility in mind, and have the ability to handle a variety of sources. The smaller conference room was designed similarly, but on a smaller scale, omitting the projectors and screens to meet budget concerns. Calculations and recommendations were also made regarding background noise levels from HVAC systems, exterior sound transmission, and interior reverberation times to ensure a proper acoustic environment.


Location: Washington, DC

Systems Value: $100,000

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