CUNY Baruch College – Masterplan

Convergent Technologies was asked to perform an existing conditions assessment and prepare a feasibility study relating to the telecommunications cabling systems (voice/data/RF video) with associated supporting infrastructure and audiovisual systems for Baruch College. The feasibility study addressed the physical development of Baruch College over a projected ten-year period. Convergent Technologies served as part of a technical advisory group to provide technical expertise related to information technologies. Scope of work included conducting a conditions assessment of the existing facilities to determine the programmatic telecommunications needs and provide a plan of action to develop a new state-of-the-art master plan. Deliverables associated with this project included an Opportunity and Constraints report including a summary of observations and recommendations, and a graphic and narrative feasibility report outlining the desired audiovisual and telecommunications cabling systems throughout the campus. The master plan report included a phasing plan with preliminary budget estimates for the to be programmed systems on a per space/system basis. This project has been successfully complete since 2007.

FXFowle Architects
Location: New York, New York

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