Elizabethtown College – 300-Seat Auditorium

Convergent Technologies provided several acoustical analysis and design services for the renovation of the Gibble Auditorium at Elizabethtown College, located in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.  The existing HVAC systems, along with proposed modifications, were analyzed for acoustical impact on the auditorium.  In addition, architectural documentation including structural details, floor plan layouts, and finish specifications were reviewed in detail as part of an interior acoustical analysis.  Recommendations based on these analyses were made in a narrative report delivered in January of 2012.  Included in this report was a complete design for a suspended, acoustically reflective cloud system intended to acoustically reinforce spoken and musical presentations within the space. Detailed basis-of-design and placement recommendations were made regarding the distribution of both reflective and absorptive wall paneling.  Additional recommendations were made regarding modifications to the proposed HVAC system, to ensure that the acoustical qualities of the Gibble Auditorium were optimized for the proposed uses.

Marshall Craft Associates
Location: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Systems Value: $45,000

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