Elizabethtown College – Zug Hall Feasibility Study

Zug Hall is home to the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Elizabethtown College. Convergent Technologies was asked to conduct a feasibility study relating to room acoustics for the orchestra practice room as well as sound isolation for the music areas on the lower level of Zug Hall. The feasibility study included a conditions assessment of the existing facility and conducting a meeting/interview with the faculty in order to determine the programmatic room acoustic needs of the orchestra practice room as well as the perceived intrusion of the music areas into non-music areas and provide a viable plan of action to develop an enhanced acoustic environment. Deliverables associated with this project include narrative reports outlining the room acoustic deficiencies for the Orchestra Practice Room, general recommendations for necessary acoustic modifications to the Orchestra Practice Room, sound isolation deficiencies and general recommendations for necessary isolation modifications for the music areas on the lower level. This project has been successfully completed since 2008.

Marshall Craft Architects
Location: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

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