Herriman City- Shooting Range Noise Mitigation Analysis

Herriman City requested that Convergent Technologies Design Group (CTDG) provide noise-mitigation analysis for a proposed Outdoor Firing Range – primarily for long-range rifles – to be built within the city limits. Specifically, CTDG was asked for design recommendations for reducing transmitted noise to residential areas and schools located 1.25 miles away from the range site. CTDG’s acoustical design review included a topographical study of the area, review of available documentation and previous acoustical testing data, and comparison of the proposed designs with local noise-regulation ordinances and accepted industry standards on noise-tolerance levels. The analysis included evaluating types of firing stalls and employing recorded gunfire sounds to model the projected sounds levels of gunfire that would be transmitted to three different residential locations. This project was completed and the narrative report delivered to the city in early December 2012.

Location: Herriman, Utah

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