Morrisville State College – Student Activity Center Renovations

The Student Activity Center building was built in 1971 to house a pool, theater, gymnasium and food services. The scope of this project was to provide telecommunications cabling infrastructure for voice/data/RF video outlets, and access control/video surveillance infrastructure design services for the SUNY at Morrisville State College (MSC) Student Activity Center (SAC) Renovations to be located in Morrisville, New York. CTDG was also asked to include optional design services for audiovisual systems with associated supporting infrastructure, room acoustics, interior sound isolation, and HVAC noise control. Design services were aimed at to renovating selected portions of the Student Activity Center (SAC) including: gymnasiums, fitness areas, locker spaces, lobby, and upgrades to building infrastructure systems. The project also included the infilling of an existing swimming pool to create a new fitness area. The renovation followed previous improvements to the theater and a campus eatery. Due to the ongoing occupation of the building, the construction is phased, and scheduled for completion Summer 2012.
Architect: Sasaki Architects
Location: Morrisville, New York
Project Budget: $10 Million
Project Size: 96,000 gsf
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