Sinai Hospital: Board Room Renovation

Founded in 1866 as the Hebrew Hospital and Asylum, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore is a Jewish-sponsored health care organization providing care for all people. It is a nonprofit institution with a mission of providing quality patient care, teaching and research. Sinai is an agency of THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Convergent Technologies provided consulting services for a 50-person board room that needed audiovisual system upgrades. Convergent Technologies addressed programming and equipment issues including a voice lift system, pop-up microphones, and loudspeakers. Updates included configuring DSP units, updating to digital platform, re-installing microphones to work with the new Biamp file, fixing the master volume control and audio switching, adding videoconferencing transmit and Gooseneck volume control, and correcting the room PC’s transmitter. This project has been successfully complete since May 2012.

Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
Location: Baltimore, MD

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