Virginia Military Institute – Stadium Expansion & Renovation

The scope of this project included telecommunications cabling design review services related to the design of the Stadium Expansion and Renovation at the Virginia Military Institute located in Lexington, Virginia. The Alumni Memorial Stadium and the Patchin Field Stadium serve the athletic department, general campus, and the community as key event facilities. Alumni Memorial Field holds approximately 10,000 spectators and Patchin Baseball Field holds 400 fans for baseball games. Expansion and improvements were intended to update the facilities and accommodate the needs of the fans and Keydet athletes. Convergent Technologies was asked to advise on the most economical and beneficial approach for outside cabling plant distribution to the new facilities. Responsibilities included attending a meeting to review existing campus facilities, current and future construction projects, and master planning desired for the campus. CTDG specialists reviewed the solution proposed by the telecommunications contractor and offered feedback on behalf of the Owner and Design Team as it related specifically to the campus master plan and the Stadiums project. The cabling plan was also reviewed to identify redundancies or shortcomings evident in the proposed scope of services. This project has been completed since the summer of 2008.

Architect: SFCS, Inc.

Location:  Lexington, Virginia


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