City of Chandler – Public Safety Training Center

City of Chandler
Public Safety Training Center

Convergent Technologies Design Group has been asked to provide telecommunications associated supporting infrastructure for voice/data/RF video outlets, audiovisual system electronics with associated supporting infrastructure, room acoustics, interior sound isolation, HVAC noise control, and LAN/PBX/Wi-Fi electronics design services for the City of Chandler Police Public Safety Training Center located in Chandler, Arizona. The City of Chandler and its police department are committed to police staff improvement and training. They seek to increase the number of police trainings from 160 per year, by relocating their training from in-house, to a separate facility. The new training center consists of two new buildings; a combined classroom; student services; staff office facility of approximately 21,000 gsf; and a separate weapons training facility containing about 25,500 gsf. In addition, the city’s fire department intends to add EMS offices and teaching lab space. This project will be completed in the summer of 2016.

Chandler, Arizona

McClaren Wilson & Lawrie
Scottsdale, Arizona


46,000 gsf

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