City of Fort Worth – Public Safety Headquarters & Training Center

Formerly owned by the federal government’s
General Services Administration, the 76-acre site
consolidates headquarters and training facilities
for both the Fort Worth Fire and Police
Departments. The project consists of renovation
of two 250,000 square foot warehouses, an
Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC), a
new Administration building, and a Fire training
village. Within these facilities there are 119,186
GSF of indoor firing ranges/associated facilities,
classrooms, multiple indoor tactical training
areas (mock villages), K-9 Training, office space,
Video Conferencing spaces, Auditorium, fitness/
dive training, and associated parking amenities.
Phased construction and renovation increased
the complexity of this project. Shooting
ranges needed to be used during the phased
design and construction. Acoustical
considerations for the extensive shooting range
facility involved classrooms settings that meet in
the same building. The multi-purpose space will
host not only graduation/honors ceremonies
but fitness classes in addition to other activities.
This campus will provide state of the art training
facilities and enhance the educational and work
experience for first responders.
Ft. Worth, TX
Komatsu Architecture
Ft. Worth, TX
Brinkley Sargent Architects
Dallas, TX
Cornell FW Co. LLC
$97.5 Million
500,000 GSF Renovation
60,000 GSF New Construction
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