Sacred Heart – University Bennett Hall

Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc.
(CTDG) has been asked to provide low-voltage
systems design with associated supporting
infrastructure for the Sacred Heart University
Bennett Hall project located in Fairfield,
Connecticut. Convergent Technologies Design
Group will develop CSI-format specifications for
access and security control surveillance systems,
audiovisual systems and telecommunications
cable systems. As well as develop candidate
equipment locations for the low-voltage
systems, telecommunications cable distribution
rooms and cable tray systems. Convergent
Technologies Design Groups work will be
implemented on floors 1 through 5 of the
building. Bennett Hall is a residential door
building for the students of Sacred Heart
University. The renovations are set to be
complete in 2018.
Fairfield, Connecticut
S/L/A/M Collaborative
Glastonbury, CT

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