The World Bank Group Office in Kabul

The scope of this project was the design
and construction of a new 3-story level
building for The World Bank Group Office
in Kabul. The project included: enclosed
and open office spaces, partitioning,
ceilings, floor finishes, visiting missions
office, library, meeting / variable and
flexible conference rooms and areas and
support rooms, auditorium style video
conferencing facilities, lobby and security
control room, professional kitchen,
pantries and 24 seat dining facility, toilet
and shower facilities, medical room, UPS
and stabilizer room, guards operations
room, guards dressing room, cleaners/and
supply room, machine room, stairs and
lifts. Convergent Technologies Design
Group, Inc (CTDG) has been asked to
include deliverables for a design project
commencing with the Schematic Design
phase and concluding with Construction
Administration of the installed systems.
The project is projected to be completed
in November 2017.

LOCATION: Kabul, Afghanistan

ARCHITECT: Sheladia Associates,Rockville, MD


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