Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa – Low Voltage Systems & Infrastructure Design Services

Chesapeake Beach, MD

Rod n Reel, Inc.
4160 Mears Ave
Chesapeake Beach MD 20732

Construction Cost:


Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc. (CTDG) has been asked to provide low voltage systems design with associated supporting infrastructure for the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa project located in Chesapeake Beach, MD. We have been asked to include deliverables for a design project commencing with the schematic design phase and concluding with construction administration of the installed systems. Our basic services scope addressing low voltage systems excludes acoustics, CO2 alarms and cloud backup, however, CTDG will assist in coordinating CO2 alarms and Cloud Backup with Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa, Henry Adams and the design team.


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