Project Spotlight: The Zayed Bloomberg Building Underwent a Major Upgrade for Next-Gen Healthcare

The Zayed Bloomberg Building, a cornerstone in healthcare, underwent a transformative upgrade focusing on security, modern patient care, and cutting-edge research. The project fortified security measures, adapted to contemporary medical practices, and optimized the patient experience by redefining the Emergency Department’s “entry sequence.” This overhaul empowers healthcare professionals with a modern workspace, not just patient centric. Crucially, the upgrade boosts research initiatives, contributing to medical advancements.

We partnered with SmithGroup on this venture to offer expertise in Telecommunications Cabling and security Systems. We designed a state-of-the-art technological system, ensuring a seamless blend of security, efficiency, and innovation.

As the Zayed Bloomberg Building has evolved to meet the demands of a dynamic healthcare landscape, this upgrade sets new standards in patient care, security, and medical research. We were honored to offer our Telecommunications Cabling Systems w/ Infrastructure and Access Control/Video Surveillance Systems w/ Infrastructure design services.

Zayed Bloomberg Upgrade
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